For Real Estate Pros

I recognize agents want better service, better reporting, as well as a standard in reporting and delivery.  Therefore I use HomeGuage software to enable you to work more efficiently with the inspection process, including after inspection discussions with the listing agent and home seller. HomeGauge Services are designed to make this process easier and more consistent.

Here are some of the services I can provide to you and your client with HomeGauge:
  • Inspection Report: Produce an inspection report with pictures in an easily readable format. This includes a Summary with pictures for a quick glance.
  • Report Delivery: Deliver the report within 24 hours (same day preferred).
  • Internet Ready Report: Provide the report securely on the internet so it can be viewed, printed, or forwarded as a link fast and easily (not like a big, bulky and slow PDF attachment).
  • Easy Report Forwarding: Allow easy forwarding for you with the buyer's permission.
  • Report Storage: Store the report for you, and all future reports, with one password that allows you access to all of them from any computer with Internet access, anytime, anywhere.
  • Added benefit: All your reports will be stored for you. This means when a concerned buyer calls you while you're out of town, you can go to the hotel computer and get to your inspection reports by going to my site and sign in with one username and password.
  • You can waste a lot of time trying to deliver big PDF attachments to multiple parties after the inspection. With HomeGauge Services, you can forward the report with a link, fast and easy.
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